Sunday, November 6, 2011

Summary of C4K Posts for October

Summary of C4K posts for October

Picture of Eiffel Tower at Night

For C4K #4 I commented on Andrea's blog. She wanted to visit and go to the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris. I told her I would like to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris one day but didn't know if I wanted to go to the top. She also mentioned how she wanted to take her extended family with her and I told her it was great that she thought about the rest of her family. I mentioned that it would be an excellent trip for them.

Rugby players getting ready for a big gameFor C4K #5 I commented on Angelo's blog. Angelo described what it was like to be a top notch rugby player and I told him I hoped to be as fit as a race horse one day. I told him that he gave a great description of what type of shape they had to be in when he stated that they were "fit like a race horse and eat healthy food everyday".

For C4K #6 I commented on Tevita and Dartania's post about the Canada vs. Tonga rugby match. The kids created a movie in imovie where they interviewed some people and asked them what they thought about the match. Some of the people were for Canada but they wanted Tonga to win. Tonga didn't win the match but the interviews went well. I told them that I had never seen a live Rugby match before but I would be interested in seeing one someday and I might even cheer for Tonga.

A picture of sedimentary rocks showing superposition

For C4K #7 I commented on Smantie's blog. Smantie taught the class about superposition and since I didn't know much about superposition, I asked Smantie to teach me about superposition as well.

Frog in water on lilly pads
For C4K #8 I commented on Donyae's blog. Donyae did a post on book called Frog Adventure that he was reading. He used the word HIGHGATE to describe the frogs adventure and how they lived in the book. I told him that it shows creativity and helps him better understand what he has been reading. It was excellent work and I let him know that.

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