Sunday, October 30, 2011

C4T Summary #2

For this C4T I commented on two of Michelle Luce's post. The first post was called "Is Success Really About Failure" and the second post was called "'Leader in Me' Program Gives Jobs to Elem. Students".

Failure poster as seen in Michelle Luce's article
The first article was interesting because Michelle mentioned and explained how failure is what we need to grow and get better. She also spoke about how not letting our children experience failure is not helping them become successful in the future. I told her in my comment that I was almost ready to debate the posting if it had stated that failure was not needed but on the contrary the post stated just about everything I believe to be true. The post stated that we basically need to be tougher on the kids and allow them to experience failure to be better prepared for the world. It's a tough world out there and if we "baby" our kids, they will be ill-prepared for the world to come.

Bar graph with the word Success and a curved arrow pointing upThe second article spoke about a program in Coffeen Elementary school that gave the children responsibility in the schools. They had jobs while they were there and were treated just like they would be in an employment situation where they would be paid. I stated in my comment that I like this program because it teaches the students how to be responsible at a young age. I also stated that with responsibility comes productivity and productivity breeds success. Not just for those companies that will hire these children but for anyone that is fortunate enough to be able to work with these future well-prepared adults.

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