Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog Post # 14

Jose Picardo - The Language Teacher

Jose Picardo's Box of Tricks logoIn Jose Picardo's website he sets it up like a mix of a social media page and a blog page. He provides several links for people to follow (teachers and students) and he also allows for comments on his page and he responds to them so everyone can see them. His webpage reminds me of Mrs. Yollis webpage but hers is set up mainly for her students and their parents and his seems to be set-up more to share with anyone that visits his page. His page of resources is amazing as he lists a lot of resources from A to Z. The time that he has vested in his webpage and the fact that he is constantly updating his page means he is dedicated to the success of his students and wants to help other teachers succeed as well.

Picture of YouTube on an iPhoneBeyond his webpage, he posts a top 10 video on YouTube where he is again attempting to help other teachers by providing a list of helpful tools when working with their students. What I found interesting is that he basically states in his video that teachers should work with the students instead of being stuck in their ways that aren't working. He encourages the use of technology and allows students to use the tools they have to help them learn. What's funny about this is that I have suggested that I would do this with my classroom as long as it didn't take away from what I was trying to accomplish. His students probably like him because he appears to be fun yet effective. His methods make a lot of sense and therefore should be tried and he wants all to be successful. I would suggest that most teachers check out his website and add it to their PLN as a powerful resource. More importantly, I invite them to watch the video and see what ideas they could use in their classrooms.

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  1. Ramsey,

    Resources are so important as we continue our journey towards becoming educators! I am glad you found these sites useful.

    Rebekah Lloyd