Saturday, December 3, 2011

C4K Summary for November

C4K November Summary

Postcard of South AfricaIn C4K #9 Oscar created a short Lego movie of the life story of Nelson Mandela. I told Oscar that I had been to South Africa and had stood in the very cell that Nelson Mandela spent a good part of his life in. I briefly explained to him what the cell was like and told him that if he ever had the chance to visit South Africa it would be worth the trip.

In C4K #10 Jaden wrote about a "Student Blogging Challenge: Game" he was participating in and I commented on how well he was doing in the game. He also has some questions at the end of his post and I answered them. My answers to his questions were as follows:

King James BibleI have an avatar on my kids Wii console. That is the only avatar that I am aware of. Maybe I should check the web just to make sure I don't have any more.

My favorite book is the Holy Bible. I like the King James Version, New King James Version and the Amplified Bible. I read this book almost every day.

I have played several pranks on people. I played a prank on a co-worker not too long ago at work. Unfortunately, this co-worker got a little upset but eventually they got over it.

I am not participating in the game although it sounds like something fun that can be done in our class. I may have my professor look into it for next semester.

I informed Jaden that he had an excellent blog and to keep up the good work.

Australian Fireworks
In C4K #11 Roman wrote about their fireworks day which reminds me a lot of the 4th of July here. He had fun jumping on the trampoline and watching the fireworks and then the smoke after the show. I told him I had never heard of fireworks day and how it reminded me of Independence Day here. It is definitely a sight to see and I let him know that I learned something new that day.

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