Saturday, December 3, 2011

C4T Summary for Teacher Tom

Large Wavy American Flag

My first comment on Teacher Tom's blog was on his How to Honor Veterans post. He went over the proper way to honor a veteran in his post and gave some words of wisdom to the readers. I talked about how we have some companies that honor veterans and some companies that basically treat them like the scum of the earth. I explained how my uncle served in the Air Force for 26 years and is still struggling to this day now that he is out and has trouble getting help. Tom also mentioned how this country has been in war for so many years that people don't really realize how long it has been (off and on). I think his blog is awesome and will visit again (even if it is just to read some posts).

Picture of Still Life Apples

My second comment on Teacher Tom's blog is based on his post where he is trying to get the kids to draw pictures of still life. I state that they are doing what a typical 3 - 5 year old kid would do although he knows that. I also mention how they are learning even if they are not doing what we would do and they will remember what they learned when they get older.

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